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The mission of the Little Village Academy is to provide a rigorous and challenging academic program that will prepare its students for the 21st century. We will engage in an integrated curriculum that will focus on the use of technology. We will become partners with parents and community to ensure that we provide a safe and nurturing environment for the students.

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1. To improve literacy instruction school wide.
2. To develop integrated curriculum facilitated by the use of technology.
3. To increase parent, community and school collaboration on school initiatives.

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The Little Village Academy, formally known as Burns/Cardenas School, began its inaugural year in September 1996. The school is located in an area known as Little Village. The area is a major port of entry for Hispanic immigrants. The students that attend the Little Village Academy come from 5 different schools. All of these schools were overcrowded and the Burns/Cardenas school was built to relieve this problem. The community of Little Village has worked very diligently for more schools and because of this 4 schools were open in fall 1996.
The school has 98% Hispanic student population and 50% to 60% of the students are Limited English Proficient (LEP). The school includes grades PK-8th. Finally, the opening of this school brought together for the first time, parents, students and teachers. Our major emphasis in developing a positive and nurturing climate so that Little Village Academy can become and active and contributing partner of the Little Village community.
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