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January 1998 IN THIS ISSUE

Student/Athletes Eligibility Rule
Soccer Team: With Goals Set High
First Basketball Intramural Tournament a Success
Basketball Season Around the Corner
Lady Panthers to Defend Cheerleading Title
Physical Education Program Schedule for January
Coaches Needed | Suggestions/Comments
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Student/Athletes Eligibility Rule. No Pass, No Play.

By: Victor R. Green - Athletic Coordinator • Students/Athletes in Little Village Academy will be submitted to weekly grade checks starting this fall. The grade check system to be used is the same as the High Schools with some modifications. • Grade checks will be conducted every Wednesday, teachers will indicate to the coaches if the students in the athletic program are passing their classes with a "C" or better. Students not passing will not be able to compete in the respective sport for a full school week. • This rule is necessary because we have to make the students understand that getting an education is the first priority of the institution.

Soccer Team: With Goals Set High By: Francisco Amador

• The LVA’s soccer team promises to have a bright future. Even though the actual soccer season will not be until next fall, our school is already gearing up to go for the gold. • Despite the fact that this is my first time coaching soccer and most of the players have never been part of a formal team, I believe there’s much excitement and opportunities for growth in store for this group of young athletes. • Looking forward to next year’s tournament, we have been practicing on a weekly basis. My hope is that we can be ready and working as a team for next year’s season. Currently, there are between 10-12 students from 5th and 6th grades practicing every week. The students, provided that grades and behavior continues at a positive level, will definitively be part of the team next season.

First Basketball Intramural Tournament a Success.

By: Victor R. Green • More than 25 boys in grades 5th to 8th participated in a basketball tournament that was held during the months of October and November 1997. • This tournament was held as try-outs for the basketball team. Also, it served as a lab for the students to practice skills taught in Physical Education. Each student will be receiving a participation certificate. • A total of five teams participated playing approximately 20+ games.

Basketball Season Around the Corner.

By: Victor R. Green • Our basketball team is getting ready for the tournament that will start in January. • Our record last year was two victories and four defeats. This is really good for a first year team given the fact that: 1. our facilities were not finished on time, 2. there was not a grade check system and some student were removed from the team to attend after school programs, 3. the students have never played in this situation, and our first year team was put in a division with the best teams in the league • This year the story is different. The team has stayed pretty much together, students have practicing on a daily basic, grades check is in place and the league has put us in a division where we should do better than last year. • Our roster for the season is: Collins, Rubio, Roman, Zavala, Avila, Lara, Ortiz, Muniz, Maldonado, Romero, Rodriguez, Avila, Castillo, Garcia, Escobar (Equipment Manager).

Lady Panthers to Defend Cheerleading Title.

By: Mary Kelly
• As the cheerleading season approaches, coaches for the Lady Panthers are making the final adjustments for what should be a repeat from last year.
• The inaugural season of the Little Village Academy's cheerleading squad was an eventful one. Without an official name or colors, we set off the season with 12 girls grades 5th-8th at try-outs. Seven girls were chosen but the squad had five cheerleaders most of the season.
• We began slowly since neither the girls nor the coaches had any experience in this sport. We put some basic cheers together for our basketball games. When our team could not play out their season due to extenuating circumstances, the squad concentrated solely on a new cheer/dance.
• This presentation would be our first competition. Region 4 West Cluster, which our school was also hosting. The competition went smoothly in our beautiful new gym and the squad performed well enough to place first in our division. The Burns-Cardenas cheerleaders, as we were called, went on to place at the regional competition. This brought us to the city final competition our first year as a school.
• Though our season ended there without a trophy, the experience of it all was enough for a rookie school with nothing to lose. As far as everyone involved was concerned, we went farther than we had ever dreamed.
• This fall, our season will begin with a school name, colors, experience, and something to look forward to.
• Our roster for the season is:
Carrion – Celio – Guerrero – Garcia – Morenco – Macedo – Sanchez – Rosado – Salazar – Aguilar – Garcia – Ledezma – Martinez.
• Some division changes this year have caused us to re-examine our goals. The squad will of course cheer for and keep the spirit of our sports teams. However, we will be competing in the pom-poms division, which focuses on dancing.

• If anyone is interested in donating money for our uniforms, it would be greatly appreciated. Same for all the sports.

Physical Education Program Schedule for January

Grade Unit
K - 1 = Gross Motor Development Activities
2 - 3 = Games and Sports, Emphasis on Individual Motor Skills
4 - 5 = Basketball Unit (6 wks)
6 = Ending Basketball Unit and beginning Volleyball Unit (6 wks)
7 = Volleyball Unit (7 wks)
8 = Basketball Unit (8 wks)

Coaches Needed

• We are still looking for motivated people to help us coach sports this Spring.
• We need people to coach GIRLS VOLLEYBALL and BOYS/GIRLS SOFTBALL. If you are interested or know someone that might be interested, please let me know.


• Later on, I will be adding information on exercise and fitness. If you want information on anything related to fitness/exercise let me know and I will post the information here.
• Any comments or suggestions or donations are always welcome, please let us know.

Coaching Staff

Flag Football – Vacant
Soccer Boys – Mr. Amador
Soccer Girls – Ms. Gonzalez
Basketball Boys – Mr. Green
Basketball Girls – Vacant
Cheerleaders – Ms. Kelly, Ms. Martinez
Volleyball Girls – Vacant
Softball Boys/Girls – Vacant



10. Pay your utility bills in pennies.
9. Drive to work in reverse.
8. Use your MasterCard to pay Visa.
7. Tattoo "Out for Lunch" on your forehead.
6. Forget the diet center and send yourself a candygram.
5. Relax by mentally reflecting on your favorite episode of "The Flintstones" during an important meeting.
4. Make a list of things to do that you have already done.
3. Find out what a frog in a blender really looks like
2. When someone says, "Have a nice day", tell him or her you have plans.
1. Retaliate for tax woes by filling out your tax forms with Roman numerals.

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