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PE Handbook

PE Handbook Part I

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A Report of the Surgeon General on Physical Activity

Physical Education Attire

Students must wear school approved gym shorts, T-shirts, and gym shoes during class. The color of shirt is yellow and the shorts is green. For safety reasons, pockets, zippers, belt loops, and buttons on shorts and shirts are not allowed.
No street shoes are allowed on the gym floor. If a student wears street clothes to class he/she will receive a non-dress mark. I will be the sole judge in determining if a student's dress is acceptable for class, or if it is a non-dress or a partial dress.
Students who do not dress out may not participate in the class activity, but may be given the opportunity to make up the non-dress deficiency.
To receive full daily participation credit, you are required to wear your regulation physical education uniform. No cut off shirts are allowed. Torn shirts or shorts are to be mended promptly or replaced.
No one will be allowed to work out or participate is they are not dressed out. At my discretion, an alternative assignment may be given to students who do not dress out. You can lose points for leaving early and be referred for disciplinary action.
I strongly recommend that the uniform is worn under their regular clothing to ease the change up.
If the student fail to bring the uniform for more than 3 consecutive days (weeks) the student will receive an effort mark "E" and the parents will be notified.
No exceptions to this policy will be made.
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Parents may request that their child be excused from physical education and/or for temporary illness or injury for a maximum of 3 consecutive days (weeks). A physician statement will be requested if the students cannot resume normal activities after the 3rd day (week). When illness or injury is obvious, I will excuse the student from physical activity. In all cases, students excused from physical activity will be given meaningful assignments.
A student is excused permanently from physical education on the presentation of a doctor's statement only. The medical excuse will be retained in the student's permanent folder.
All excuses and notes from home must be presented to the nurse before school begins in the morning. She will not accept them during class time.
The nurse will give you a note allowing you to be excused from class activities. The note will also include any special instructions. You will still be required to make up any missed participation points.
You are required to dress out even though you are excused from participation unless the nurses' note specifies that you are also excused from dressing-out.
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Report any and all injuries to me at the time of the injury.
Failure to report an injury may result in the loss of insurance coverage for that injury and proper care for you.
If you have a special medical problem, let me know right away.
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Equipment Storage Area and The PE Office

Boys and Girls should never be in these areas unless accompanied by a teacher.
Use of Equipment:
  • Do not abuse the equipment.
  • If you break any equipment through misuse, you will be asked to pay for it.
  • Any misuse of the equipment can affect your grade relating to citizenship.
  • All damaged equipment you pay for it.
  • If you find any broken equipment, let me know right away.

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Miscellaneous Information

If the students use the bathroom to change they will be expected to leave the bathroom in good order. Any writing on walls, etc., is defacing school property and is subject to disciplinary action.
No horseplay will be tolerated in the bathrooms.
You are responsible for your own actions both on and off the court. Profane language or disrespect will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severity!
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The school policy on absences and loss of credit will be followed in physical education classes.
You are responsible for all make-up work after all absences or loss of points. All lost points not made up will affect your grade.
It is up to you to discuss with me what you need to make-up.
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Adapted Physical Education

Our special education students are mainstreamed for resource classes and follow the general curriculum unless the IEP states otherwise.
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Title IX

Title IX prohibits the separation of boys and girls in health and physical education classes. There are few exceptions:
  • Within classes, students may be separated by gender for contact sports.
  • Within classes, students may be grouped by ability.
  • Boys and girls may be separated during units on human sexuality. In some cases, separation may be required due to content.

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Sports Participation

The students also have the opportunity to participate in sports competition during the year.
The sports that we currently have are:
  • Boys Basketball Grades 5th-6th-7th-8th
  • Girls Cheerleaders Grades 5th-6th-7th-8th
  • Boys and Girls Soccer Grades 4th-5th-6th

Students participating in sports are subject to eligibility rules. This rule is designed to keep track of the students academic performance during the sports season and the school year.
Every Wednesday the teachers will indicate to the coach if the students are passing their classes or not. If not, then the student is suspended and/or removed from the teams.
This rules are not absolute. Each coach has its own rules.
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Parent Participation

We always look for parents to help us coaching sports. If you are knowledgeable in any of the following sports and would like to coach please let me know at your convenience.
Need coaches for:
  • Girls Volleyball 5th-6th-7th-8th Grades
  • Girls Basketball 5th-6th-7th-8th Grades

PE Handbook Part I

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Dave Gable's Physical Education Page
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