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Athletic Program

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I have moved to teach High School in Puerto Rico. To go to this page, which is in both English and Spanish click here.

  • Sports contribute to the educational program of our school. We are starting our athletic program and hopefully this can develop a sense of belonging among the participants. Athletics give the students something to do and talk about. The students could use this time to perfect their skills in a particular sport.
  • The athletic program also brings a community. It also can teach the students how to maintain a level of physical fitness and to care for their body. Rules and regulations teach the students discipline and the following of predetermine rules. The athletic program can be a motivating factor to the student to stay in school.
  • In our school we offer this program to the school population. We have try-outs for different teams and compete year round giving students the opportunity to excel in sports.
  • The following teams will are organized: Basketball Boys 6th-7th-8th, Cheerleading Squad 6th-7th-8th.
  • The practice schedules will depend on the local situation.
  • The program is designed to develop the student first and the athlete second. The coaches will send home permission letters to parents giving them all the information they need about the sports the student will be participating on to include a copy of the practice and regular season schedule.

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  • Updated: 3-29-98
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