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I have moved to teach High School in Puerto Rico. To go to this page, which is in both English and Spanish click here.

Class Instruction

The lesson is divided in four phases:
a. Class Administration - Roll-call, Uniform check
b. Warm-ups - Commands, Stretching, Exercises
c. Lesson Introduction - Objectives, Skill cues, Skill practice and Activity
d. Closing - Summary of lesson, Homework or project, Dismissal


Students take written exams and skill test at the end of every unit.


1. The final grade is based on participation, dress out, attendance, skill grades, written tests and projects.
2. Participation points are subtracted for failure to dress out, non-participation, tardies, absences, etc.
3. Go to
Dave Gable's Physical Education Page for an outline of the grading scale.

Homework/Make-Up Work

1. You are allowed to make-up work. The teacher will provide information to the student on an individual basis.
2. You could either, attend any Little Village Academy sporting event and turn in a summary sheet for the activity, read an article on a sport current event. Write a two pages report. All of this if for just one days credit.
3. Make-up for fitness tests, skill tests, and written tests will be arrange on an individual basis.

Physical Fitness/Motor Testing

1. Physical testing is designed to annually measure the fitness level of the students. Physical Fitness Testing is conducted in Spring for students in grades 3rd thru 5th, students in grades 6th thru 8th in Fall and Spring. We use the battery of tests provided by the
Presidentís Challenge on Physical Fitness.
2. Students in grades K thru 2nd take the Test of Gross Motor Developement. This test is property of Dr. Dale Ullrich at Indiana University Kinesiology School. To download a modification of this test click here.

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